March 28, 2023

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Free Web Site Submission to Search Engines

Once you make a web site the next thing you need is to submit the web site to the various Search Engines like Google, Lycos. HotBot, Yahoo etc. Follow the links below which offer you Free Web Site Submission utility from their web site. Just log in, fill the required information and submit the site. May be some of the search engines have a manual selection procedure to admit the sites to their search categories and give ranking on the selection of a human panel of experts. So, my friends, the ranking on a search engines is not always in proportion to the number of times you submit the site, but also depends on the quality, contents, design and proper use of metatags and some tips and tricks which webmasters know. Always remember to give specific information and choose a right category for your web site to see the desired results. The submission results may take from a few weeks and may be months until accepted by prime Search Engines like Google, Lycos etc. If your site does not appear after some reasonable time on search engines, you are always free to submit again and again. You can always try any one or all of the following links, as you wish.

Free GuestBooks Remotely Hosted

GustBook is one of the Topmost requirements of a Webmaster. Although some prefer to host a GuestBook script on their server, but others prefer to sign up for a third party or remotely hosted guestbook that has fine features, to avoid cgi or perl scripting. Most of the free remotely hosted guestbooks come with a Banner display on top of the Book to manage server expenses. We have so far found that only offers a Banner free and nicely written guestbook, which is now free for signup. For some time this free guestbook had stopped signing up new entries, but now again they have this opportunity open.

Only some other Books like Bravenet have customizable interface where you can choose the questions that would appear on the guestbook and also add new questions. The Bravenet book can also work as a survey form or opinion polls, due to customizable questions which they offer. Most of the other books have limited and fixed questions and form. One important thing while signing up a new GuestBook is that one should always choose the appropriate category for your web site where the guestbook is to be shown, to attract meaningful banners. Else a Technology related web site could end up showing banners on Swimming costumes, or women’s inner wear. And one last word, never sign up for the promotional news letters that you are asked while you sign up for a guestbook. They will fill up your email box with so much of junk everyday, which you can’t read or remove. Even if you decline to sign up for the newsletters, or the promotional emails, your guestbook would work perfectly fine, because it is supported by the Banner displays. The good alternative is to sign up for a guestbook with one of your extra e-mail ID’s, and never ever sign up or add an entry on such things with your real real important email ID. May be your email ID can get sold to thousands of companies on a CD, ending in to attracting tons of Spam every day in your inbox.


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Download a wonderful self installing ActiveBook Script from Active-Scripts. This is perhaps the very Best full featured GuestBook script. Just download the script from the following link which comes with a Instructions / Readme file. The script has a control panel for changing almost all attributes which you can manage from your end. The script is distributed with due consent from the Author. For more details and other software please visit their wonderful web site Free for Non-Commercial use.


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