February 6, 2023

Free HTML Tools

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Freeware HTML Tools

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Free Software Download

Auto Replace

HTML Free Search and Replace AUTO REPLACE

Author : Andreas Jönsson – Most wonderful Search and Replace Freeware Tool of the year 2003, for the Web Masters, created by Andreas. It can replace any particular html string or text or code from all the *.html, *.htm, *.asp or *.txt pages of a given directory/subdirectory, just immediately without any need of opening and editing files individually. You just need to give the string or code that is to be searched, followed by the New code that will replace the old one, where ever found. Set the filters (file type), select if the operation is case sensitive or not, and push start!!. 100’s of files would be replaced with the new code almost immediately. Wonderful for changing codes, Telephone numbers, addresses, Meta keywords uniformly in all pages of the Web Site. A wonderful program 170 KB in size, and a Must have for today’s Webmasters. Download this utility today!!!.

Absolute HTML Compressor

How to compress HTML Code

Homepage | ” Reduces HTML file size dramatically ”

Absolute HTML Compressor is an easy-to-use tool that optimizes HTML files so their size reduces. Compressed pages appear in the browser without changes. You can specify various options of the optimization, compress single files or entire folders, use command line mode. The program can create backup copies of the optimized files. The updated version supports Windows XP interface styles.


text guard freeware


Guard or hide your html source code. Textguard is a wonderful utility to encrypt your web page source code and also give password protection to a web page . The password algorithm is encoded within the html page with an unique encryption mechanism. Although the program shows a small banner at the bottom of the page, but it is nice to use as a freeware. To remove the banner at the bottom one should buy the software.


[Clear Read Only Attribute – From multiple files at once]

CROA is a handy utility that will clear the read-only attribute from file or folder or all subfolders and files in a specific folder. This is extremely useful when you copy the contents of a CD to your hard drive. Once installed, you just click on the folder that contains the hundreds of files with read only attribute and select “Remove read only attribute”. Croa will automatically remove the Read only bit from all the files within the folder and subfolder at one go.

Scrollbar Skinner JAVASCRIPT

Online Generator | “Get colored Scroll bar javascript”

Wonderful little utility. You can create online colorized scrollbars (if you’re using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later) in your web-pages very easily and with no knowledge of writing CSS code. Preview your scrollbar, add colors and save your Web page or copy it to clipboard and aad it yourself… and you can create a Gradient on the web page.

EZ JavaScript


Wonderful collection of 50+ Instant Javascripts. Must have for the webmaster. This is a program that contain 50+ JavaScripts for you to use on your webpage. With the script wizard, you can change the variables of the scripts faster. For most of the scripts, you don’t have to look in the script to change the options. Just change it in the script wizard. This program is FreeWare, you may distribute it as much as you like. If you have any question, suggestion, or bug reports, please write to the webmaster.

HandyTools Utility Collection

[Web Masters Utility Tools]

Download the Wonderful set of Tools for the Web Masters from SilvergAgeSoftwares. HandyTools for Web Designer power pack is a combination pack of all the Tools for Web Coders and Designers from HandyHTML editor. The package consists of Handy File Find & Replace, Handy Image Mapper, Gif Color Mapper, ColourSpy and Gradientex. Real useful utilities.

HTML-Email Clocker

(Hide your Email ID in Web pages)

The most common problem that we face now is to receive bundle of SPAM in our email box once we reveal our email ID on our website pages. Use the wonderful small JavaScript utility to hide your email ID in HTML / ASP web pages. HTML-Email-Cloaker is a free and powerful HTML-Email obfuscating tool which will transform your email address into a form that cannot be read by spiders. Make sure to add this tool to your HTML toolbox. HTML-Email-Cloaker is the most powerful cloaker I’ve yet seen anywhere. It combines the four best cloaking techniques together to confuse even the most clever SPAM-spider.


“description”: Metty allows easy creation of over 30 different meta tags that cause your web pages to be properly indexed by search engines, thereby increasing rankings. Metty can insert tags into an HTML file that has been imported locally or directly from a web site. No knowledge of meta tags is necessary.


“description”: List Pics is a wonderful utility for the Web Masters who want to create an html page list for all the images in a directory. Show the directory that contains the images on your drive, and ListPics will generate and html page for you with the reference and a hyperlink to all the images in the directory.

Notepad++ – Good Editor for ASP PHP

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendliness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment. This project is mature. However, there may be still some bugs and missing features that are being worked on. If you have any questions or suggestions about this project, please post them in the forums. Also, if you wish to make a feature request, you can post it there as well. But there’s no guarantee that I’ll implement your request.


Few powerful html/script editor for beginners, immediate to professional web builders, as web editing tool you should use when it comes to creating web sites /authoring HTML, ASP, PHP scripts. These powerful HTML Editing product that helps you write, edit and improve your HTML, its powerful tools let you make web pages faster than ever before. Most web builders don’t realize the time they’re losing by relying on traditional based text editors like Windows Notepad for their web authoring projects which is insufficient in functionality.

Download Free HTML Tools, Editors. HTML Auto Replace Software Freeware. HTML encryptors encryption Tools. Compress HTML pages with HTML Compress. HTML to ASP converters. Meta Tag Generators .

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