February 6, 2023

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Google Search / Safe Search Script:

Add Google search Engine to to your web pages. Use this cut and paste script and place this HTML code on the web page exactly where you want the Google search to appear.

Use Google Safe Search script to eliminate results with sites and web pages containing pornographic and explicit sexual content which are blocked from search results. But remember it may sometimes offer you not to display some results of Medical or Technical importance, if they contain words which may be treated as pornographic content, by Google safe search.

Page Redirect Script:

Use the script below to automatically redirect the user to another web page after a few seconds. You can change the value in seconds to redirect to the new page. The script below is set to redirect to another page in 5 seconds. Change the value of 5 to any value of your choice, and also change the URL= to your own web page. Put this script between the tag.

Remove Dots from Hyperlinks around Images:

When you click on any image which has been given a Hyperlink a dotted line appears around the image. If you want a clean and undotted image as Hyperlink just put this code in the section of the HTML page.

NoCache: No webpage history is Saved

Just do not want any one to keep your web pages in their History or Cache. Use this meta tag in the section of the web page. It is particularly useful if you have some web pages which have contents which are changing everyday or very frequently. This script will ensure that the old pages do not remain in the browser cache and every day page is reloaded directly from the server.

Scroll Bar Color: Change color with CSS

Just have a look at the Scroll Bar of this web page. If you are using Internet Explorer 5 or higher, it is most likely that you will find a colored Scroll Bar. If you want to use this technique on your web page just cut and paste this code within the section of your html document. Change the values for arrow, shadow or base colors freely to make combinations.

Hide Status: Hide to reveal your hyperlinks in Statusbar

When you keep the Cursor on a Hyperlink, the Status Bar revels the link to which it is pointing to?. If you want the Status Bar to Hide the hyperlink or not to display the hyperlinked pages, just use this code in the html document. Follow instruction to put the different code in the and section of the document. But it does not completely eliminate disclosure of the Hyperlink details, but just makes it little difficult or cumbersome.

Daily Cartoons: Embed daily Cartoon link on your webpage

Put this cut and paste code in your html document where you want this Button to appear. Clicking on the link will open a new window with a Daily New Cartoon on Computer and Internet related topics. These are very good quality Cartoons and are absolutely safe for Children. Just go ahead and enjoy them every day. Just click the link above to enjoy them Now?

500 Passwords: Ready to use difficult Password

Have problem in finding New Passwords for your Clients?. Just download the Ready-to-Use 500 passwords of different combinations. Use them anywhere. These Ready to use passwords are a combination of Alpha-Numeric and also use Upper Case and Lower Case words. And no repeats!!.

Calculator: Install Javascript Calculator in your webpage

Want an instant calculator to appear on the web page. Use this cut and paste script and put where you want the calculator to appear. Good if you have a web site which requires users to calculate things while browsing.

Close Window: Create Close this Window Button on webpage

Just use the Javascript code to create a link on the html page which will close the page which is open, and you are viewing.

Embed: Shockwave flash embedding in webpage

Want to Embed a wav or Shockwave flash file in your html page. Use the code to link the swf movie or wav file. Reset parameters like width and height of the movie file. Place where you want the movie to appear, in the html page.

BUTTONS: Create Back, Forward, Print, Link Page Buttons on webpage:

Create active Buttons on your web page with beautiful layouts. Use the code and insert the same in the HTML page where you want them to appear. View the sample how they would look below.

Page Transition: Effects wile loading exit of webpage


Create blending, circle out, wipe out, dissolve or many other effect on your web page while enter or exit page. Set properties according to your choice. Put the code in the section of your web page.

Preload Images: In webpages for faste loading

Keep this preload javascript just above the tag on your web page. Change values to your image files and set the directory path to the path for your image files on the server. This will help you to load your images faster on the web pages and will enhance the browsing experiences, making them faster.

Fight SPAM: Help fight SPAM


Keep this cool link on your web site pages. This link has thousands of fake email addresses. Whenever someone sends an automatic email addresses gathering Robot to your web site to collect all the email ID’s that are on your site, will be directed to this link and end up collecting a thousands of fake email ID’s. Although it does not eliminate SPAM in your mailbox until you stop keeping your email ID in html form, or stop signing all those guestbook’s and nasty signups on the net.

Note: Always keep your email Addresses on your web site in the form of GIF or JPG images. And do not give a mailto: hyperlink to it. A human visitor will read the email ID and write to you, but an automatic email addresses gathering Robot will not be able to know your mail address.

Google Online “WEB PAGE TRANSLATION” Script:


Keep this Script on your web pages to translate Web pages from any language to English or other languages. For example translate a web page in German to English online. Or from French to German.

You need to copy and paste the URL for the web page you want to translate and select the appropriate Translate language link from the drop down Menu and push Translate.

Just keep the following script where you want this Translate Box to appear.

Pull Down Menu : Create Javascript down Menus

Create Pull Down Menus on your Web Site. Use the instant cut and paste working scripts. Put them within the section of your web site and they start working immediately. Edit the values for the pages which they need to send the visitor. Script contains 3 pull down scripts (i) Script with Gif image go button (ii) Script with regular go button without image. (iii) Script without go button, uses direct send to respective page method on selection.

Online Pull Down Menu Generator

Click to Generate Online Pull down Menu.

Hindi Font Kriti Dev 010:And various Hindi Tools

Download this Hindi Font and install this in your Windows/fonts directory to view the web pages that are created in Hindi. This fort is in TTF form and may work smoothly on most of the PC’s.

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