May 29, 2023

Free Web Resources

Free Web Resources


ASP (Active Server Pages)

Active Server Pages are the components that allow Web developers create server-side scripted templates that generated dynamic, interactive Web Server Applications. By embedding special programmatic code in standard HTML pages, a user can access data in a database, interact with page objects such as Active-X or Java components, or create other types of dynamic output. It makes it easy for developers to create everything from a web site that is customized to viewer tastes, to a complex database application that may access legacy data from a mainframe… (Paid Site)

C #

For the past two decades, C and C++ have been the most widely used languages for developing commercial and business software. While both languages provide the programmer with a tremendous amount of fine-grained control, this flexibility comes at a cost to productivity. Compared with a language such as Microsoft Visual Basic, equivalent C and C++ applications often take longer to develop. Due to the complexity and long time cycle times associated with these languages, many C and C++ programmers have bees searching for a language that offers better balance between power and productivity.

The Microsoft solution to this problem is a language called C# (pronounced as C-Sharp, just like the numerical notation). C# is a modern, object-oriented language that enables programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the new Microsoft .NET platform, which provides tools and services that fully exploit both computing and communications. Because of its elegant object-oriented design, C# is a great choice for architecting a wide range of components – from high-level business objects to system-level applications. Using simple C# language constructs, these components can be converted into XML Web Services, allowing them to be invoked across the Internet, from any language running on any operating system..

C ++

C++ is an enhanced version of the C language. It includes everything that is part of C, and adds support for object -oriented programming. In addition, C++ also contains many improvements and features that make it “a better C”, independent of object-orient programming.


CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface, and is mechanism through which browser is allowed to communicate with programs running on a server. Perl is an interpreted language, which is ideally suited for CGI programming. It has its roots in Unix system administration and offers several features like regular expressions and file manipulation, which makes it extremely powerful…

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CORBA is the acronym for Common Object Request Broker Architecture, and is Object Management Group’s (OMG) open, vendor-independent specification for an architecture and infrastructure that computer applications use to work together over networks…


Cold Fusion is a web application development tool for people who want to use the web to create dynamic page applications and interactive web sites on corporate internets as well as on the internet..

EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)

Enterprise JavaBeans is an open standard-based framework for building and deploying server-side Java components. It is specialised Java Class that typically contains the business logic of a multi-tiered distributed application. Enterprise JavaBeans may be developer-written or generated by a tool. The basic characteristics of an Enterprise JavaBean, as provided in the specification are.

  • They may be distributed over a network and accessed remotely.
  • They are transactional.
  • They are Secure.
  • Enterprise JavaBean is not a product – It is a specification defining a server side Java Framework. Vendors are responsible for using this EJB spec. in order to make compliant EJB Servers. This allows IT developers to write their Java Business Logic as Enterprise JavaBeans. They do not have to worry about implementing the surrounding framework. Server vendors provide tools that automatically generate distribution, transaction and security behavious….



    Java is a language developed by Sun Microsystems that allows one piece of code to run on different types of machines without rewriting it. It has the look and feel of C++, without many of the more advanced features that often get programmers into trouble…


    Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology based on the Java language, and enables the development of dynamic websites. JSP was developed by Sun Microsystems to allow server side development. JSP technology allows Web developers and designers to rapidly develop and easily maintain information-rich, dynamic Web pages that leverage existing business systems. As part of the Java family, JSP technology enables rapid development of Web-based applications that are platform-independent. Java Server Pages technology separates the user interface from content generation, enabling designers to change the overall page layout without altering the underlying dynamic content. JSP is easy to learn and allows developers to quickly produce websites and applications in an open and standard way…

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