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How to use CuteFTP Software




From Where do I get CuteFTP :

You can download the CuteFTP Freeware version from Here.

Yes I have downloaded and Installed CuteFTP :

When you start the CuteFTP if there is any splashing window opened by default you can safely exit them. Now Please go to the File Menu on upper Left hand corner. On the File menu you may find two options to create your new FTP account.

Site Manager Quick Connect

This is the typical FTP screen which you get after you open the software.

Note : Both the options like Site Manager and Quick connect have different purposes and values. Please read carefully the detailed description given below under both the categories before you choose the right option for you.

Site Manager Option [ F4]:

Select File Menu and drop the Menu list fo find Site Manager.

This option may be used if you are using your PC from home and your login password etc are safe. Here you can select the New button and create an FTP account for your web site. The needed information on this option is given below which you may fill according to the  instructions provided with them.

Label for Site: Give a suitable Name to this account.
FTP Host Address : Give your domain name like
FTP Site user Name : Give the user or Login Name which we have provided you.
FTP Site Password : Give the required password which we have provided you.
Login Type : Select Normal.

This is the Site Manager window. You can create your web site FTP account here by giving your login details.

Note : But please remember that your login details created with Site Manager are always available on your PC and any person using your PC can just click on them to connect to the server and add/modify or delete files. You can also delete the unwanted Site entries which are created is Site Manager by default and also create a New Folder for yourself.

Quick Connect Option [Ctrl + F4] :

Select this option if you are using FTP from a public PC or home but you do not want your login and password to be stored on the PC, or become known to any one. When you click the quick connect option you will find the following windows appear :

URL : Give your domain name URL like
FTP Site user Name : Give the user name which we have provided you.
FTP Site Password : Give the required password which we have provided you.
Port : Default value is 21. There is no need to change this.

TIP : Keep your cursor on the images to view the quick info.

Hit Ctrl+F4 Key to open the quick connect box. Or select Quick Connect from the file Menu.

Give your Host Name like your web site name

Give your user Name and login password which we have provided you.

The port is usually 21 by default. There is no need to change this value.

Now click on the Quick Connect button or hit Enter Key after the password to connect to the server.

After you have given the details click on the Quick Connect button on right hand corner or just hit Enter Key after you have finished giving your password. If the details which you have given are correctly spelled and written 100% you will connect to your Server.

How to upload your Web Site :

Once you have followed the above instructions and are connected to the server, you will find two windows opened side by side.

Left Window Right Window
Local PC Window Remote Server Window

Drag and drop files from the left or local window to the Right or the server window.

The Left Window will show you the files and directories which are available on your local PC Machine. While the Window on the Right shall be the Remote server Window showing the files and directories which are available on your web site/server.

Where to Upload My Files on Server  :

  • You need to upload all your files to the document root which is some directory on the server. This directory may differs from Server to server. Refer our Email to find the correct dir for you.

  • This may be either public_html or httpdocs.

  • Double click on the directory either public_html or httpdocs which ever is the case with your hosting account to change the directory on the remote server window.

  • Also select the proper directory on the Left Window or the Local PC where you have kept your files which require upload.

How to Upload Files :

  • Just drag and drop the file from the local window to remote window. i.e. from left window to right window.

  • Or right click on the file and select the Upload option.

  • You can select more than one file also by holding the Ctrl Key.

  • You can also select and upload the entire directory at once.

  • Every time you upload an existing file again on the server you would be asked to overwrite the file. Select Yes or All if you are uploading more than one files. To avoid uploading some file select Skip.

How to Create Directory on Server  :

  • Click and select the Right Window to make it active. Now right click the mouse and a Shell Menu would appear. Go to Make New Directory option and give the name of directory which you want to create on the server. Click Ok and you are done.

  • Or you can create a new directly on the PC or Left Window and upload the same through drag and drop.

One by one you can upload all your files and directories containing files and images to the server.

I have uploaded my files but still I do not see My web Site  :

This might happen because you have not properly named your main web site index file.

  • Always name your main index file as index.htm or index.html

  • Delete any other file like default.htm from the server.
  • Always check that there is only one index file on the server and not two files like i.e index.htm and index.html

  • If you have kept the first letter in CAPS for the index.htm file, right click on it and select the rename menu and make the file name in small letters.

Thank you very much : Please visit us again.

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